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Legal Educatation Institute - Widener University Law Center

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Paralegal Program Information

Widener University Law Center
Legal Educatation Institute
4601 Concord Pike
Wilmington, Delaware

Tel: 302.477.2205
Fax: 302.477.2054

Bachelor of Science, Associate in Science, Certificate, Legal Nurse Consultant Certificate


Widener University Law Center, located in Wilmington, Delaware, offers the following degree programs in paralegal studies:

Bachelor of science degree program

Associate of science degree program

Certificate program with concentration courses in real estate, litigation, criminal law, and corporate law.

All the above degree and certificate programs have obtained approval from the American Bar Association.

Bachelor Degree Program Requirements

The bachelor program of Widener University Law Center requires 120 credits, which includes 57 credits of specialty courses, 45 credits of general education courses, and 18 credits of free elective courses.

Associate Degree Program Requirements

The associate program of Widener University Law Center requires 60 credits. It includes 39 specialty course credits and 12 general education credits.

The Widener University Law Center of Delaware is committed to making competent paralegals, who have the confidence and the ability to carry out challenging legal tasks. Students graduating from this university are equipped with practical experience through visits to courtrooms, and provided a thorough understanding of every legal aspect.

So, if you are interested in law and want a career full of challenges and new experiences, and have the stamina to work under pressure, then paralegalism is the right profession for you. Come to Widener University Law Center and accept the challenge.


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