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Paralegal Program - Western Wisconsin Technical College

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Paralegal Program Information

Western Wisconsin Technical College
Paralegal Program
304 Sixth Street N
Post Office Box C-0908
La Crosse, Wisconsin

Telephone: 608.789.6117
Fax: 608.785.9205

Associate Degree


Western Wisconsin Technical College offers Associate in Applied Science degree program in paralegal studies. The course curriculum is an intensive one with internships, field trips, and visits to court rooms for practical experience of the legal world.

Program Merits

The paralegal program of Western Wisconsin Technical College has obtained approval from the American Bar Association and has been successful in producing many competent paralegals. Students who graduate from this college get immediate placements at real estate companies, insurance companies, banks, corporate houses, legal aid providers, law firms – private and public, district attorney offices, and county and state offices.

There is no dearth of opportunities for students who graduate with credits more than 65.

Paralegal Profession

Although paralegals are not allowed to practice law, they have all the skills of an attorney. They are equally competitive and possess vast knowledge about the legal system. That’s why they are able to assist lawyers.

The paralegal profession provides unique challenges every day and is full of new exciting things that lead to a continuous learning process. If you are ready to take the plunge, then come to Western Wisconsin Technical College and prove your mettle.


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