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Paralegal Studies Program - Wesley College

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Paralegal Program Information

Wesley College
Paralegal Studies Program
120 North State Street
Dover, Delaware

Tel: 302.736.2451
Fax: 302.736.2301

Associate Degree


The Wesley college of Dover, Delaware, offers Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Legal Studies. This program is packed with theoretical concepts as well as practical knowledge necessary for becoming a proficient paralegal.

Students who graduate from Wesley College’s paralegal program get instant placements in private and government law offices, bank and corporate legal departments, and in other administrative offices.

Remember, paralegals are not authorized to practice law. They can neither present a case for trial in the court nor set fees for clients nor give legal advice. The can work only under the supervision of attorneys.

Program Features

The paralegal program offered by Wesley College is a program of four-year duration. It has been approved by the American Bar Association. This program consists of internships, field trips, and court observations. There is also a legal society in the campus of Wesley College.

Program Benefits

The students develop all the skills required for a paralegal. Their value at the marketplace increases manifold. After graduation from this college, students are flooded with employment options with handsome starting salaries.

So, if you are ready to take on the challenge of the legal world, Wesley College is ready to provide you the required training.


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