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Legal Assistant Program - University of Tulsa

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Paralegal Program Information

University of Tulsa
Legal Assistant Program
Division of Continuing Education
600 South College Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Telephone: 918.631.2070
Fax: 918.631.3367

Certificate Program


If you like challenging work, full of responsibilities, in a completely professional environment that tests your skills, then come to the University of Tulsa, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The paralegal studies program conducted by this University is one such program that will allow you to enter the world of excitement and endeavors the legal system.

Students at the University of Tulsa are taught skills in line with the ethical standards that are in accordance with the Code of Professional Responsibility set by the American Bar Association.

Certificate Program Specifics

The program classes at the University of Tulsa are conducted both during the day and in the evenings. Students can chose any time or combine both. The full-time day course takes just 6 months to complete while the part-time evening course takes one whole year for completion.

Day classes are from Monday to Friday, starting from 9 in the morning till noon while the evening classes are only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting from 6 in the evening till 9 at night.

Course Professors

The entire program is taught by experienced paralegals and attorneys who have expertise in the subject. They share their knowledge and experience with students so that the latter are prepared to face the practical world of law.


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