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Paralegal Studies Program - University of Montana - Missoula

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Paralegal Program Information

University of Montana - Missoula
Paralegal Studies Program
College of Technology
909 South Avenue West
Missoula, Montana

Telephone: 406.243.7850
Fax: 406.243.7899

Associate Degree


Founded in 1893, the University of Montana-Missoula is located in the state of Montana and caters to the academic needs of over 10,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. The University holds accreditation from the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges and has the distinction of being one of the top ten colleges in the country known for combining outdoor recreation with quality academics.

The University of MontanaŚMissoula College of Technology offers occupational education courses and seminars in a number of fields including computers, business, medical information technology, industrial technology and applied arts and sciences. These courses provide hands-on work experience as well as guidance in job placement following graduation.

A paralegal studies program which is approved by the American Bar Association is one of the courses provided by the college. For those interested in becoming professional paralegals or legal assistants, the course offers training to help students find employment in law offices, federal agencies and private sector companies.

Students are taught the theoretical and practical aspects of paralegalism, with an emphasis on how to work effectively in a legal environment. Students are taught how to use basic office software as well as special legal software and the Internet for legal research. Apart from the fundamentals of the legal system such as litigation and criminal procedures, paralegal students are also taught English composition, basic accounting and organizational psychology. Contemporary legal issues are also discussed as well as the fundamentals of trial preparation.


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