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HCW Paralegal Program - University of Hartford

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Paralegal Program Information

University of Hartford
HCW Paralegal Program
1265 Asylum Avenue
Hartford, Connecticut

Tel: 860.236.1215
Fax: 860.768.5693

Bachelor of Science, Associate in Science, Certificate Program


The College of Arts and Sciences, at the University of Hartford, offers a Legal Studies program for students aspiring to make a career in the legal field. This program is approved by the American Bar Association.

The legal studies program first started at Hartford College for Women in the year 1974. This was the first program that provided legal training to paralegals in all of Connecticut. The program consists of rigorous legal specialty courses to prepare students to take up the challenges of this profession, which is one of the fastest-growing in Connecticut.

Paralegal Job Profile

As a paralegal, you get to work as a legal assistant to attorneys in private law firms, legal aid organizations, legal departments of banks and businesses, government agencies, courts, and corporate law sections.

You are required to prepare legal documents, assist in the preparation of civil and criminal trials, carry out legal research and writing, find solutions to legal procedures, and other such legal tasks.

Program Specifics

The University of Hartford offers associate as well as bachelor in science degree program in legal studies, and a certificate program in paralegal studies. You can choose the program depending on your career objectives.


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