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Paralegal Studies Program - University of Great Falls

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Paralegal Program Information

University of Great Falls
Paralegal Studies Program
1301 20th Street South
Great Falls, Montana

Tel: 406.791.5339
Fax: 406.791.5990

Bachelor of Science, Associate in Science


The University of Great Falls was established in Montana in 1932 and is a Catholic institution. It currently offers prospective students 40 undergraduate degree courses to choose from a variety of subjects, and enjoys a student teacher ratio of 12:1. It is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges.

Students looking to develop a career as legal assistants or paralegals can apply to the paralegal program available at the University of Great Falls. Students can opt for a paralegal studies major, a paralegal associates degree or can take part in the army paralegal program. The program is approved by the American Bar Association.

The paralegal studies program encourages students to sharpen their analytical and critical thinking skills as well as learn the importance of effective communication in both speech and writing. Students will develop knowledge of managerial techniques as well as the fundamentals of the legal system and how it operates.

Students will learn the specifics of being a paralegal and learn about research techniques and how to draft documents such as wills and contracts. They will also learn the basics of legal analysis and how it applies to writing and research. Students will moreover learn how to handle evidence, the correct procedure involved in recording and filing evidentiary data and the specifics relating to seizures and arrests.

The course will also cover the various techniques used in mediation and negotiation and the current issues surrounding paralegalism today. Students will also learn office management skills such as filing, time management and control and billing.


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