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Paralegal Professional Certificate Program - University of California - Santa Barbara

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Paralegal Program Information

University of California - Santa Barbara
Paralegal Professional Certificate Program
6550 Hollister Ave.
Santa Barbara, California

Tel: 805.477.0155
Fax: 805.963.4846

Certificate Program


The University of California-Santa Barbara was founded independently in 1905 and joined the University of California system in 1944. It caters to over 15000 postgraduate and undergraduate students. The university is ranked among the top twenty universities in the country. The Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges has accredited its courses.

Students looking to embark on a challenging career as a paralegal or legal assistant can enroll in the Paralegal Professional Certificate Program, which is offered by the extension unit of the University of California-Santa Barbara. The course focuses on training students to tackle the practical applications of being a professional paralegal as well as developing the skills needed to work in the legal system.

The paralegal certificate program covers a number of subjects including case management, which teaches students about document and calendar control, tracking assignments and law office administration and investigation. Students will also learn about the procedures involved in civil litigation, understanding the court system as well as pleadings and discovery procedures. The course also covers ethical guidelines and issues such as conflict of interest, solicitation and competence. Students will learn about legal writing and research, contract and family law and how to analyze and organize evidence. This includes assessing character evidence and witness competency.

The paralegal program also covers real estate law and tort law, including liabilities and immunities. Students will also learn about the execution of wills and trusts as well as interview and investigation techniques and procedures. The course also allows students to undergo an internship with a legal professional.


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