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Attorney Assistant Training Program - University of California - Los Angeles

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Paralegal Program Information

University of California - Los Angeles
Attorney Assistant Training Program
UCLA Extension
10995 LeConte Avenue, Suite 517
Irvine, California

Telephone: 310.825.0741
Fax: 310.825.9242

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate


The University of California-Los Angeles was officially founded in 1919 though its roots date back to the 1800s. Today, the university is ranked as the 12th best university in the United States and caters to 30,000 students at the undergraduate and post graduate levels. There are 10 Nobel Laureates currently serving on the university's faculty.

Under the Attorney Assistant Training program which is part of the University of California-Los Angeles's extension campus, a paralegal studies program is available for students who wish to pursue a career as a legal assistant or paralegal. The course offers students the option to specialize in private law litigation or corporate and business litigation.

The paralegal studies program gives students an introduction to legal research and civil litigation, as well as an understanding of jurisdictions and venues. Students will also learn about drafting complaints and motions, discovery practice, evidence, trial motions and appeals, contracts and torts as well as criminal and family law. Students will further learn about corporate structures and become familiar with their formation and maintenance. Students will learn to deal with issues arising from corporate securities as well as federal and California securities. The paralegal program will also help students develop their communication and negotiating skills. They will learn the specifics of dealing with mergers and acquisitions, entertainment law, bankruptcy laws, real estate laws, estate planning, probate reviews and personal injury laws.


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