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Legal Assistant Program - Tulsa Community College

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Paralegal Program Information

Tulsa Community College
Legal Assistant Program
Business Service Division Room 416
909 South Boston Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Telephone: 918.595.7317
Fax: 918.595.7038

Associate Degree


Tulsa community college of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is for students who dream of entering the legal system as paralegals. This college offers associate and degree programs in paralegal studies that are approved by the American Bar Association.

The students get an intensive training in preparing legal documents, analyzing legal procedures, performing legal research and writing, and computer skills. They are taught the ethical standards of this profession, along with brushing their communication skills so that they can express their legal findings and opinions efficiently.

Another important thing is that Tulsa Community college trains people who are already working in the legal profession and want to become qualified legal experts by the National Association of Legal Assistants, Inc.

Job Titles

After graduating from Tulsa Community college, you can get jobs as a legal assistant, contract administrator, paralegal, or contract coordinator.

Salary At The Entry-Level

The students who complete associate degree program get placements with an entry-level salary of $12.65 to $17.94 per hour depending on their past experience at the law office.

Most of the experience and practical knowledge is gained during internships and visits to court rooms and sessions. Indeed, studying at Tulsa Community college means a thorough practical education and grooming of your personality.


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