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Division of Law-Related Studies - Trident Technical College

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Paralegal Program Information

Trident Technical College
Division of Law-Related Studies
Post Office Box 11867
Charleston, South Carolina

Tel: 843.722.5501
Fax: 843.722.5545

Associate inArts, Paralegal Certificate


Trident Technical College is located in Charleston, South Carolina. It is a public, multi campus institution committed to providing quality education and encouraging economic development in Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester. This college has the membership of the State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education system.

Trident Technical College offers associate degree and certificate program in paralegal studies. Program classes are conducted by competent attorneys who prepare students for real life challenges in the legal field. They are taught to prepare and analyze legal documents, find solutions legal problems, and carry out comprehensive legal office procedures. The assignments make students highly competent and confident to assist lawyers and perform other legal tasks.

Admission Requirements

For certificate program, you need to complete either 33 semester hours or 49.5 quarter college credit hours with C or better grade from an accredited college or university. Out of the total hours, 3 hours should be of CPT 101 or an equivalent computer course, and 18 hours of general education courses covering three disciplines. Out of these 18 hours, 6 hours should consist of ENG 101 and SPC 205 or SPC 209.

All the paralegal programs of Trident Technical College have gained approval from the American Bar Association.


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