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Legal Studies - Texas State University

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Paralegal Program Information

Texas State University
Legal Studies
601 University Drive
San Marcos, Texas

Tel: 512.245.2233
Fax: 512.245.7815

Master of Arts, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate


The Texas State University, located in San Marcos, Texas, offers legal studies program, which is the first such program to be offered by a university in the state of Texas.

The program has been chalked out in such a way that students get a deep understanding of the US legal system, theories of law, and legal analysis. The program makes the student competent enough to get excellent job opportunities in legal sections of businesses, banks, government offices, private firms, and other fields related to law. They can even opt for higher studies in law with this graduation background.

Programs Offered By Texas State University

The Texas State University offers the following programs in legal studies:

Paralegal certificate program

MA in legal studies

Mediation certificate

Minor in legal studies

All these programs are approved by the American Bar Association.

So, if you think you can make it big in the law world, then Texas State University is the right mentor to educate you. Come and fulfill your dreams of becoming a paralegal.


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