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Legal Assisting Program - St. Petersburg College

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Paralegal Program Information

St. Petersburg College
Legal Assisting Program
2465 Drew Street
Clearwater, Florida

Tel: 727.791.2501
Fax: 727.791.2736

Associate Degree


St. Petersburg College is situated in Clearwater, in Florida. This college offers paralegal programs with a view to training students to face the challenges of the legal system, work under stiff deadlines, and assist lawyers with their highest level of competency.

Features Of The Program

The paralegal program of St. Petersburg College has been approved by the American Bar Association. Courses are taught by reputable attorneys who are under practice and sitting judges. Classes are conducted on an early rotation plan.

Besides this, the college conducts classes in the evening so that students can work full time. You can get admission to the paralegal program in this college in January, May, and August. The public baccalaureate program is the only one in St. Petersburg College that has obtained American Bar Association approval.

The curriculum consists of assignments that are akin to real life situations. They polish the skills of students in verbal and written communication, analytical thinking, and instill ethical behavior in them. After graduation, you are qualified to take the Certified Legal Assistant examination. The college also offers tuition at reasonable fees.

So, if you think law is where your heart is, then come to St. Petersburg College and study to your heartís content.


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