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Paralegal Program - Spokane Community College

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Paralegal Program Information

Spokane Community College
Paralegal Program
1810 North Greene Street, MS 2011
Spokane, Washington

Tel: 509.533.7470
Fax: 509.533.8059

Associate of Applied Science, Post-Secondary Certificate


Spokane Community College (SCC), Washington, in its range of educational courses has various professional – technical courses that extend the education base to begin career in respective fields. The Spokane Community College, accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities offers 99 associate degrees and 96 professional certificates in 105 study programs. The college is governed by the Washington State Board of Community & Technical Colleges.

The Paralegal Program Overview

Spokane Community College’s Business and Management Department offers Associate of Arts and Sciences (AAS) degree or a Professional Certificate in the Paralegal program section. The degree course takes about six quarters and the certification course can be completed in four quarters.

The AAS degree course in Paralegal trains its enrollees on various grounds like legal documentation, research, preparing summaries, analysis, undertaking administrative tasks, etc, which train the students to work as assistants. A college assesment test and a general education course must be completed for acceptance in the A A S paralegal Degree program.

The certification course is for those who already have cleared B.A/B.S degree or an A.A /A.A.S degree course in legal secretary studies from an accredited college. The course is approved by the American Bar Association.

The Spokane Community College also offers internship program which not only provides the students an opportunity to work with professionals, but also works upon their analysis and understanding in the field.


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