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Paralegal Studies Program - Southern Illinois University

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Paralegal Program Information

Southern Illinois University
Paralegal Studies Program
Mailcode 4540
Carbondale, Illinois

Tel: 618.453.1234
Fax: 618.453.3253

Baccalaureate Degree


The Southern Illinois University, Carbondale was founded in 1869 & presently offers academic programs in various important fields, ranging from agriculture to business, aviation to paralegal.

The Paralegal Studies Program – An Overview

The Paralegal Studies Program at the Southern Illinois University offers Bachelor of Science Degree, which is approved by the American bar Association. The Degree program has two options to select from i.e. Pre-law and General. Pre-law curriculum is advised for those who intend to pick the Paralegal Studies Program as major.

The General Paralegal Studies Program includes University’s core curriculum, Paralegal Courses, administrative related courses, introduction to Computer course, ACCT 210 or approved substitute and approved business / computer courses. Electives are also a part of the curriculum.

The Pre-law specialized curriculum, in addition to the basic courses offered under the General Paralegal Studies Program; include additional 9 upper level liberal art hours. The knowledge base by enrolling with a Pre-law Paralegal Studies Program at the Southern Illinois University Carbondale can further be enhanced by either opting for an internship or an additional law related course. Technical background for opting paralegal major is required.

Additionally, if the idea is not to pursue a dedicated career in the paralegal field and only knowledge in this domain is to be acquired, a minor in Paralegal Studies Program from the Southern Illinois University, Carbondale can be opted for. This minor in Paralegal requires 15 semester hours.


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