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Paralegal Studies Program - Southeastern Career College

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Paralegal Program Information

Southeastern Career College
Paralegal Studies Program
719 Thompson Lane, Suite 600
Nashville, Tennessee

Tel: 615.297.1781
Fax: 615.383.9474

Associate of Applied Science;General Practice Paralegal Certificate


Southeastern Career College is the only college of its kind in Nashville, Tennessee, that offers paralegal program approved by the American Bar Association. After graduation, you can easily get a job as an entry-level paralegal and take your first step towards a bright career.

The General Practice Paralegal Certificate Program Specifics The program offered by Southeastern Career College imparts sufficient knowledge, communication and technical skills, and work ethics and habits that are necessary for being an entry-level paralegal.

The program emphasizes on the basic legal terms and concepts, develops your fundamental skills in computers so that you can make use of your training in the most effective way.

After graduating from this college in Tennessee, you will be able to take advantage of the vast opportunities for career development available for paralegals in government agencies, private law firms, corporate houses, legal department of banks, and others.

Associate Degree

Southeastern Career College also offers Associate of Applied Science Degree in paralegal studies. This degree gives you equally abundant job options in a broad range of offices.

So, if you have an affinity for law and want to become associated with it, then enrol at Southeastern Career College.


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