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Paralegal/Legal Assistant Program - South Suburban College

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Paralegal Program Information

South Suburban College
Paralegal/Legal Assistant Program
15800 South State Street
South Holland, Illinois

Tel: 708.596.2000
Fax: 708.225.5815

Associate Degree


The South Suburban College, Illinois, the only state approved community college in the South Suburbs for extending Paralegal education, offers a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree and a Certificate curriculum under the Paralegal / Legal Assistant Program. These programs follow the domain standards and are approved by the American Bar Association. Both the courses under the program are also members of the American Association for Paralegal Education.

Degree Program

To enroll with the South Suburban Collegeís Paralegal / Legal Assistant Program, students require a high school diploma or GED and must ENG 101, PLA 101 and BLW 201 with a grade score of 2.26. The program also facilitates credit transfers from other nationally accredited ABA approved and AAPE affiliated legal studies programs.

Certification Program

Students with a baccalaureate or an associate of arts degree qualify for the South Suburban Collegeís Paralegal / Legal Assistant Programís Certification course. The certification course, like the degree program, allows a maximum of 9 credit hours of legal specialty (PLA) courses.

The South Suburban College, in addition to offering quality education to its students, also imparts the desired flexibility. The students can work out their own study time charts. Both full time and part time curriculums are available. Distance learning and online education too are possible at the South Suburban College.


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