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Paralegal Program - Sinclair Community College

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Paralegal Program Information

Sinclair Community College
Paralegal Program
444 West Third Street
Dayton, Ohio

Tel: 937.512.2923
Fax: 937.512.2069

Associate in Applied Science


Sinclair Community college offers a paralegal program that is approved by the American Bar Association. This college is located at Dayton, Ohio.

Sinclair Community college’s program offers classes during the day and in the evenings. There are also online paralegal classes offered by renowned paralegals and lawyers. The internship program is a platform for students to gain experience and open doors for better placements.

The first 2 year college degree program in paralegal studies is conducted in Miami Valley and is approved by ABA. Sinclair Community college has the lowest tuition in all of Ohio.

Qualities Incorporated In Students By The Paralegal Program. Once you complete the paralegal program from Sinclair Community College, you will be able to interpret legal procedures as well as prepare and analyze legal documents. You will exude a high level of ethical standard and professionalism, which is an admired quality in a paralegal.

You will gain mastery over legal research and develop excellent skills of communication, both verbal and written. Handling information technology will become second nature to you.

A complete grooming of personality, along with loads of knowledge is what you get from the paralegal program at Sinclair Community college. So, if law is your cup of tea, then come to Ohio.


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