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Legal Assistant Program - Santa Ana College

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Paralegal Program Information

Santa Ana College
Legal Assistant Program
1530 W 17th Street
Santa Ana, California

Tel: 714.564.6000
Fax: 714.564.6755

Associate Degree


The Legal Assistant Program, of the Santa Ana College, California is a well-versed entry to the growing domain of paralegals. Legal Assistants are in much demand presently and getting equipped with the education standards as offered at the Santa Ana College can certainly lead way to a remarkable career. The college meets the various education standards in the Paralegal field of education and to this end has a curriculum approved by the American Bar Association.

SAC 0523 & SAC 1799 – Program Details

SAC 0523 is the Paralegal Degree course covered in the Santa Ana College’s Legal Assistant Program. Earlier referred to as Paralegal Degree 0523, the SAC 0523 is a program that must be completed within 5 years or requires students to repeat any legal specialty courses, completed five or more years before the graduation. The curriculum further suggest to clear all general education courses (8 in all, including 2 legal specialty courses), before starting with the specialized course section. Admission requirements refer to completion of minimum 18 semester units of ABA approved general education courses.

On the other hand, to enroll with the SAC 1799 i.e. Paralegal certification course offered at the Santa Ana College, students must have an Associate or a Bachelor degree from an accredited college / university. Like degree enrollees, the certification students must also complete the course within 5 years of admission.


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