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Department of Paralegal Education - Samford University

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Paralegal Program Information

Samford University
Department of Paralegal Education
800 Lakeshore Drive, SU Box 2200
Birmingham, Alabama

Tel: 205.726.2783
Fax: 205.870.2422

Associate, Baccalaureate Degrees


Samford University, Alabama, in the domain of Legal Assistant Education, is among oldest education providers. In fact, its former program known as the Paralegal Studies Program was the oldest Legal Assistant program in the region.

The earlier version of the Legal Assistant Certification course at Samford University i.e. the Paralegal Studies Program was a degree course, approved by the American Bar Association. The present adaptation of the same is the Legal Assistant Certificate program which is covered in ten courses. This is for those who have an associate or bachelor’s degree.

Curriculum Highlights

The extensive curriculum, as covered in the 10 course Legal Assistant Education program, is taught by licensed attorneys and therefore promises complete knowledge extension. The program can be completed by earning 30 credits, 3 each for 10 courses.

The courses along with their codes are,

•Mcpg 121 Introduction to Paralegal

•Mcpg 226 Business Associations

•Mcpg 227 Estates and Trusts

•Mcpg 228 Real Estate Law

•Mcpg 229 Litigation

•Mcpg 300W Business Law for Paralegals

•Mcpg 301 Employment Law

•Mcpg 307 Criminal Law

• Mcpg 304 Family Law

• Mcpg 306 Debtor-Creditor Law

• Mcpg 323 Legal Research and Writing

In the Legal Assistant education program at the Samford University, not only do the students understand the theoretical aspects, but are simultaneously trained on the vital practical notions of the profession.


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