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Lawyer's Assistant Program - Roosevelt University

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Paralegal Program Information

Roosevelt University
Lawyer's Assistant Program
430 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois

Tel: 312.281.3300
Fax: 312.281.3188

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Professional Studies, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate


The Lawyer’s Assistant Program also referred to as the Paralegal Studies Program at the Roosevelt University is an enthralling launch pad for beginners in the paralegal profession. Approved by the American Bar Association, the Paralegal Studies Program from the Roosevelt University located at Chicago, Illinois, offers various specialized and general courses that prepare graduates as tomorrows learned professionals. The course offers the requisite knowledge, which helps learners to work with lawyers and attorneys in the evolving field of legal assistance.

A certification course, the Lawyer’s Assistant Program, requires students to complete eight courses in all. These include all-important fields like Ethics & Professionalism, Legal Research, Legal Writing, Civil Law, Commercial Law, etc.

Special Highlight – Legal Technology Course

The coming summer has in store a special section of Legal Technology Course for Roosevelt University’s Paralegal Studies Program’s applicants. It is a discounted offering, which would help prospective legal assistants move a step further by including the latest software application skills in their learning curriculum. The same can be optimally deployed to accomplish litigation and other related tasks professionally and efficiently.

An extensive guide to the various legal-specific software applications including Concordance, Summation, LiveNote, CaseMap and TimeMap as offered by the Legal Technology Course, assists the prospective paralegal professionals in better organization and dealings. An introductory course in the Lawyer’s Assistant Program drafted and taught at the Roosevelt University, Illinois, Chicago is the definite approach to excel in the paralegal career.


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