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Legal Assisting/Paralegal Program - RETS Tech Center

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Paralegal Program Information

RETS Tech Center
Legal Assisting/Paralegal Program
555 East Alex Bell Road
Centerville, Ohio

Tel: 937.433.3410
Fax: 937.435.6516

Associate Degree


The RETS Tech Centre, Ohio offers an Associate Degree in Paralegal that is spread over of duration of 18 months. This program has five semesters and is an evening only program at RETS Tech Centerís Centerville campus. The Paralegal program meets the basic education standards in the legal domain and has the requisites approvals from the American Bar Association.

RETS Tech Center claims to extend the best education standards, by incorporating technology in the teaching pattern and further promises that the 80 semester credit hours devoted to the Paralegal Program at RETS Tech centre would ensure lifetime placement. Personal attention and career counseling to all enrollees is also assured.

Curriculum Highlights

The evening curriculum at the RETS Tech Centre for the Paralegal program includes, specific law courses and various general courses. Each course is paid special attention to ensure fuller learning. For instance, the legal research and writing courses include both manual and electronic searches, to prepare students as better professionals. To further impart an extra edge, all students towards the completion of their programs are offered an optional internship program.

Programís Objective

The Paralegal Programís objective as envisaged by the RETS Tech Center is to provide its students with the right education, which not only prepares them with the course content but also imparts true professionalism and ethical notions, thatíll help deal with different situations that would soon confront.


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