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Legal Studies Program - Quinnipiac University

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Paralegal Program Information

Quinnipiac University
Legal Studies Program
275 Mount Carmel Avenue
Hamden, Connecticut

Tel: 203.582.8712
Fax: 203.582.8709

Bachelor of Arts


The legal studies program, offered by Quinnipiac University, Connecticut is a platform for graduates to acquire the requisite skill set that would help establish in the paralegal domain. A private & coeducational university, Quinnipiac University follows a legal curriculum that has been approved by the American Bar Association.

The Legal Studies Program Highlights

The BA in Legal Studies, at the Quinnipiac University implies the vital combination of liberal arts education and specific law related skills. The education program caters specifically to important areas like legal research, writing, analysis while keeping up ethical and statutory standards, which are the base of the legal profession as a whole.

The experts in the field, who work extensively with students to improve the knowledge base in the paralegal domain, have carefully defined the curriculum of the legal studies program at Quinnipiac University.

The Legal Studies Program also compulsorily includes a two semester Legal Studies Internship, which imparts the practical side of the education curriculum. The internship begins, only after disciples have completed LE 100, LE 101, LE 208, LE 210, LE 301-302, and LE 480-481 courses. Additionally, the students must also opt for four legal studies electives.

Technology Oriented Focus

Quinnipiac University can be entrusted for quality education imparted in fashion. BA in Legal Studies Program incorporates computer classes for legal research, which helps the future professional learn the best & latest work techniques.


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