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Paralegal Studies Program - Platt College

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Paralegal Program Information

Platt College
Paralegal Studies Program
10900 East 183rd Street, Suite 290
Cerritos, California

Tel: 562.809.5100
Fax: 562.809.7100

Associate Degree


The Paralegal Training Program is an education experience with the Western College, affiliated to the Platt College University, which stretches over duration of 64 weeks. The program by imparting the Associate of Arts Degree equips graduates to fill entry-level position as Paralegals in the legal departments.

The Paralegal Training Program Curriculum

An Associate of Arts Degree in Paralegal Training Program from the Western College, Platt College implies successfully completing all majors and general education courses. This includes the basic courses like Introduction to the Paralegal Studies, Introduction to Law, Introduction to Computers, Civil Procedure, Legal Research & Writing, Contracts and more advanced courses like Advanced Legal Research & Writing, Property & Probate, Family Law, Business Organizations, etc.

The curriculum further comprises of various general education courses including Critical & Argumentative Writing, English Composition, Art History (in two parts), College Mathematics, Psychology, Environmental Science and Interpersonal Communication. All the above-mentioned general courses must also be completed to acquire the degree in Paralegal from Platt College, California.

The thus mentioned, Associate of Art Degree in Paralegal Training Program, which is approved by the American Bar Association, offers individuals with just the perfect blend of knowledge to make a mark in the legal assistance field. The carefully drafted major and general courses are imparted to students with an objective of creating a strong education base that gels with the present, dynamic professional requirements.


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