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Legal Assistant/Paralegal Program - Pima Community College

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Paralegal Program Information

Pima Community College
Legal Assistant/Paralegal Program
Downtown Campus
1255 North Stone Avenue
Tucson, Arizona

Telephone: 520.206.7352
Fax: 520.206.7202

Associate in Applied Science Certificate


Join Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona, and get associated with the law as a legal assistant or paralegal. This profession is fast gaining pace in the competitive world of today and the demand for paralegals is set to touch the skies in the coming years.

Associate Degree Program

Through this program at Pima Community college, you will learn the skills of developing and modifying legal procedures, preparing and understanding legal documents, preparing case for trial, analyzing the facts of a case, handling procedural problems and interpreting them, and finding the exact information from the library and other resources and using them. This program comprises of an internship. The college conducts classes in the daytime, in evenings, and on weekends.

For enrolment into the Associate’s degree program, you must have a high school diploma or should have passed an equivalency exam.

Post-Degree Certificate Program

For enrolment in post degree certificate program, you should either be a bachelor or an associate of arts or science from a recognized post-secondary university or college.

Career Opportunities

After completion of the degree or certificate program, you can work as title examiner, legal assistant to lawyers, as trust officer, legal investigator, contract clerk, or a law firm administrator. Besides this, there are a whole lot of job options in other private and public law offices in Arizona and outside.


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