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Legal Assistant Program - Pikes Peak Community College

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Paralegal Program Information

Pikes Peak Community College
Legal Assistant Program
5675 South Academy Boulevard
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Tel: 719.538.5232
Fax: 719.538.5225

Associate Degree


The Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado provides education in the legal assistant domain through the Paralegal / Legal Assistant Program, which aims to reach out and educate students on the skills required to work in the professional field and continue education, if so desired. Approved by the American Bar Association, the Paralegal / Legal Assistant Program at the Pikes Peak Community College awards its students with Associate of Applied Science Degree or a Certification in paralegal program. The later one is for those, who already have an Associate Degree in Science or Arts.

The Curriculum Details

The degree curriculum of the Paralegal / Legal Assistant Program at the Pikes Community College includes, two parts of general education courses, of which the first part is 12 – 13 credit program and the second part is 6 – 9 credit hours program. A 3 credit hours course is dedicated to upgrade students with the technical requirements. This course referred to as ‘An Introduction to PC Applications’ can also be waived off by clearing a self test and interview. The program also includes other courses and electives and the total credit hours are 63 – 67.

The certification curriculum in Paralegal at the Pikes Community College is a 36 credit hour program, which has 11 par courses (3 credit hours each) and choice of selecting one elective (3 credit hours) from 7 options. These electives also include an internship course in the Paralegal / Legal Assistant program.


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