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Legal Assisting Program - Phoenix College

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Paralegal Program Information

Phoenix College
Legal Assisting Program
Department of Legal Studies
1202 West Thomas Road
Phoenix, Arizona

Telephone: 602.285.7354
Fax: 602.285.7370

Associate in Applied Science


Paralegal Studies Program offered by Phoenix College, Phoenix is a doorway to a career in the field of law. Approved by American Bar Association's Standing Committee on Paralegals in 1989, the Paralegal Studies Program at Phoenix College endeavors to train its patrons in a manner that they can execute the legal tasks, which they would soon be responsible for, in an extremely responsible way.

One of the largest & established Legal Studies Programs in the Arizona state, Paralegal Studies Program extends knowledge through an education curriculum that combines electives with internship syllabi. This helps students get understand not only the theoretical aspects of the education program but also comprehend the practical dimensions to the course.

The Course Highlights

The Paralegal Studies Program at the Phoenix College earns students, either a CCL i.e. Certificate of Completion or an AAS i.e. Associate in Applied Science degree in the field of Paralegal. The program prepares students for entry-level jobs in law offices, wherein they would perform legal tasks as indicated by the attorney, whom they would serve as assistants.

The Phoenix College, in addition to providing the general knowledge base, also extends specific skills & concepts of the legal domain, which would help enrollees start professionally without much training requirements. The only one of its kind in the Maricopa Community Colleges, the Paralegal Studies Program, offers variety of electives to select from.


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