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Paralegal/Legal Assistant Program - Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College

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Paralegal Program Information

Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College
Paralegal/Legal Assistant Program
3250 St. Matthews Road, N.E.
Orangeburg, South Carolina

Tel: 803.536.0311
Fax: 803.535.1388

Associate Degree in Public Service (Paralegal, Legal Assistant)


Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College is located in Orangeburg, South Carolina. It offers a degree program in paralegal studies and has got the approval of the American Bar Association for all its programs.

Requirement For Program Completion

In order to complete the program successfully, you should earn a grade point average of 2.0. You should have at least C grade for all LEG and ENG courses. In addition to this, basic typing skills are a must to complete the program.

Qualities of a paralegal

You should have the knack for law. You should possess the ability to tackle legal issues with logic and have excellent communication skills, both written and oral to express your opinions and findings.

Paralegals work with the public, hence, courteousness is one virtue that you should be abundant in. Besides this, you should display high ethical standards to be called a professional in this field.

A thorough understanding of all legal terms, excellent research and analytical skills, and an updated knowledge about the latest developments in law are a few qualities that make a fine paralegal.

So, if you think you have it in you, then join Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College and display to the world your legal skills.


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