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Paralegal Studies Program - Nova Southeastern University

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Paralegal Program Information

Nova Southeastern University
Paralegal Studies Program
Department of Behavioral Sciences - 370 Parker Building
3301 College Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Telephone: 305.475.7340
Fax: 305.237.754

Baccalaureate Degree


In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, there is Nova Southeastern University, which is the place to be for aspiring paralegals. This university has obtained approval from the American Bar Association for its Bachelor of Science degree program in legal assistant/paralegal studies.

Paralegals are not actually lawyers who can practice law. Neither are they legal advisors. They are legal assistants who assist lawyers and other law-related administration for the proper functioning of the legal system.

Features of Nova Southeastern University’s Paralegal Program

The program includes a session on Lambda Epsilon Chi, which is a national academic honor society for aspiring paralegals. Courses are taught by practicing lawyers and judges of Florida, who emphasize on practical knowledge. Besides this, students are trained in legal software applications that are used by law firms of Florida.

The university provides internship program in association with government agencies as well as private law firms. In addition to this, students are trained in computerized legal research.

The Nova Southeastern University conducts classes in the evening for the convenience of working students. There are also online paralegal classes for those students who cannot attend regular classes.

At the end of the program at Nova Southeastern University, students are left with plenty of knowledge and courtroom experience from internships. They are ready to face the legal world!


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