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Legal Assistant Program - Norwalk Community College

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Paralegal Program Information

Norwalk Community College
Legal Assistant Program
188 Richards Avenue
Norwalk, Connecticut

Tel: 570.348.6288
Fax: 570.340.6012

Associate in Science, Post Degree Certificate


Norwalk Community College, located in Norwalk city of Connecticut, offers degree as well as certificate program in paralegal studies. The programs are approved by the American Bar Association.

Degree Program

A strong hold on English verbal and writing is required to enroll for Norwalk Community college’s degree program in paralegal studies. You have to qualify for EN 101 in order to opt for other paralegal courses. The completion of this degree program gets you an Associate in Science degree.

Certificate Program

For students who have earned an Associate’s degree and want to go for advanced learning in paralegal studies, Norwalk Community college provides certificate program in legal assistance. You should have at least 18 liberal arts credits. The certificate program constitutes of 30 credit hours.

Legal Assistant Society Of The College

All students of paralegal studies are members of the Legal Assistant Society, which is a kind of a student club. Through this club, students get a chance to visit the US Supreme Court, participate in seminars and conferences on current issues, and build a vast social network that helps them in broadening their job opportunities. This society in the city of Norwalk is also associated with the Connecticut Association of Paralegals.

So, if you wish to make a career in law, then come to Norwalk Community College.


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