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Paralegal Studies / Legal Assisting Program - Northern Virginia Community College

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Paralegal Program Information

Northern Virginia Community College
Paralegal Studies / Legal Assisting Program
3001 North Beauregard
Alexandria, Virginia

Tel: 703.845.6214
Fax: 703.845.6186

Associate in Applied Science


The Northern Virginia Community College is located in Alexandria, Virginia. It offers an associate of applied science degree in paralegal studies to students aspiring to make their career in the field of law.

Course Curriculum

The program curriculum is designed in such a way that it imparts a high level of knowledge, familiarity, and skill to carry out the work of a paralegal with utmost efficiency.

Paralegals are usually required to take client’s interview, do legal research and writing, and assist lawyers. They have options to work in private law firms, government agencies, legal departments of banks and corporate houses, and other offices related to law.

Program Completion Criteria

Students have to earn a “C” grade or better in every course of the program. Only up to 50 per cent of the credits in paralegal studies will be transferred to Northern Virginia Community College from other colleges. Approval from the American Bar Association is a must.

The criteria to get enrolled for a paralegal studies program at Northern Virginia Community College in Alexandria is proficiency in English in high school. The computer skills are an added advantage. However, they are taught during the degree program.


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