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Paralegal Program - North Hennepin Community College

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Paralegal Program Information

North Hennepin Community College
Paralegal Program
7411 85th Avenue North
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Tel: 763.424.0747
Fax: 763.493.0560

Associate in Science, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate


North Hennepin Community College is situated in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. This college has obtained approval from the American Bar Association for its degree and certificate program in paralegal studies.

Degree And Certificate Program Specifics

This program educates students to become legal assistants to lawyers and administrators of offices related to law. The study program comprises of general courses, law-related courses, and legal specialty courses.

The specialty courses of this program include legal research and writing, evidence and investigation, domestic relations, property, business organizations, wills and estate administration, and litigation. These courses form the crux of the degree program.

Time Of Program Classes

The paralegal program classes are conducted mainly in the evening program of North Hennepin Community College. It should be remembered that the college does not educate students to directly practice law or provide direct legal services to the public. If any student does so, he or she is illegally practicing law.

So, if you think you have the knack to work under pressure, deal with people with tact, and shoulder big responsibilities without batting an eyelid, then the paralegal studies at North Hennepin Community College are for you.


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