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Institute of Paralegal Studies - New York University

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Paralegal Program Information

New York University
Institute of Paralegal Studies
Continuing Education/Finance, Law & Tax
15 Barclay Street
New York, New York

Telephone: 212.992.3326
Fax: 212.768.1790

Diploma Program


New York University was established in the year 1831 and comprises of 15 schools and colleges at six major centers in Manhattan. It offers more than 2,500 courses which lead to about 25 different degrees. It offers a diploma in Paralegal studies that has been approved by the American Bar Association.

The students may opt for a two-semester day, evening or weekend program or may choose a one-semester intensive day program. The curriculum is constantly reviewed and changed to meet the needs of the profession. The faculty members are practicing attorneys with many years of experience. They are dedicated and committed individuals. The students of the diploma program are taught to conduct library-based research in its commendable law library as well as online research using WESTLAW.

Basic Concepts in Paralegal Studies and Advanced Concepts in Paralegal Studies are two courses that have to be completed and courses include-

Introduction to Law

NY Civil Practice

Legal Research

Torts, Contracts

Real Property Law

Debtor-Creditor Relations

Wills, Estates


Business Organizations


Criminal Law

Family Law

Federal Income Tax

Corporations and Partnerships

Securities and Exchange Commission

Uniform Commercial Code

Legal Research and Writing

Trusts and Estates


Real Estate

Trademark and Copyright

Litigation Case Management

The students have to maintain a minimum grade C in order to earn the diploma and have to complete the program within four years. Successful graduates may find employment in private law firms, banks, insurance firms, and government agencies etc.


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