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Paralegal Studies Program - National American University

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Paralegal Program Information

National American University
Paralegal Studies Program
321 Kansas City St - Box 1780
Rapid City, South Dakota

Tel: 605.394.4951
Fax: 605.394.4871

Associate, Baccalaureate Degrees


Join the National American University and become a paralegal. The university, situated in Rapid city, South Dakota, offers Bachelor of Science and Associate of Applied Science degree as its areas of study.

One of the attractions of National American University is that the paralegal courses are taught by experienced attorneys and practicing lawyers. The University boasts of having a law library in Rapid City with 5,000 volumes of law books as well as WESTLAW® computer-assisted research service. Thus, the students have a treasure house of knowledge in the form of books and a tool to search court decisions and statutes throughout the nation through the internet.

Practical Knowledge

The National American University equips its students with abundance of practical knowledge. During the degree programs course, they visit courtrooms and observe civil as well as criminal trials. They also attend bankruptcy hearings at the federal and state courthouses. The internship is the most valuable part of the degree program, as it provides hands-on experience to students to deal with law-related issues.

As a paralegal, students have excellent opportunities to work for private law firms, legal departments of corporate houses, federal, state, as well as local government offices. Analytical and communication skills are a must for paralegals, and in the National American University, you can expect the development of both these skills.


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