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Paralegal Program - Nassau Community College

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Paralegal Program Information

Nassau Community College
Paralegal Program
Stewart Avenue
Garden City, New York

Tel: 516.572.7774
Fax: 516.572.7750

Associate Degree, Certificate Program


The Nassau Community college offers various degree programs in paralegal field of study. The students aspiring for in-depth knowledge should enroll for Associate or Baccalaureate degree.

The college also offers certificate programs in paralegal studies. Paralegal is a merging field and the Nassau Community college has started its degree programs in this area of study to encourage more students to take up this profession.

Semester-Wise Courses

The First Semester teaches students the principles of accounting, business law, composition, and introduces the law and legal system.

The Second Semester provides deeper understanding of composition and business law; there is a course for legal research and writing or legal writing and analysis (you can choose any one), and law office management.

The Third Semester deals with real property, litigation, and legal research and writing. There is a paralegal elective course in this semester.

The Fourth Semester consists of two paralegal electives social science and humanities.

The Nassau Community college is situated in the Garden city of New York. All its programs and courses are approved by the American Bar Association. The programs are tailor-made to equip students with basic skills required in this profession, along with a thorough understanding of legal matters.

Although paralegals are not eligible to practice law, they have excellent career opportunities in broad areas of public and private sector in New York and elsewhere.


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