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Paralegal Program - Morehead State University

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Paralegal Program Information

Morehead State University
Paralegal Program
College of Arts and Sciences
Rader Hall, Room 319
Morehead, Kentucky

Telephone: 606.783.2219
Fax: 606.783.2678

Baccalaureate Degree


The Morehead State University offers Bachelor of Arts in Paralegal Studies. It is a four-year program approved by the American Bar Association. It focuses on legal principles as well as the application of legal aspects in work-related settings. This program enables students to develop paralegal skills on a practical basis.

Program Content

The program starts with an introductory study of U.S. Government as well as an introduction to the paralegal field. There are a wide range of courses from legal research to court procedures. The students also get an opportunity to develop computer skills through this program in the University of Kentucky.

The program consists of an internship where students get a chance to work at the law office. They are exposed to real-life experiences.

The BA in paralegal studies offered by Morehead State University combines liberal arts education with professional skills. The University program arms students with a sound theory and practical knowledge that are essential to shoulder the responsibilities of the legal system.


Remember, the BA in paralegal studies does not authorize you to practice law. The State Law prohibits paralegals to practice law or offer legal advice. Students may refer to Kentucky Supreme Court Rule 3.700 as well as Kentucky Revised Statutes 524.130.

Recent Addition

The Morehead State University has recently started a Legal Studies Minor program.

The BA in Paralegal Studies is designed to equip graduates with the appropriate applied and theoretical knowledge of law in order to successfully assist lawyers in providing legal services to clients. The major combines the advantages of a liberal arts education with the development of professional skills necessary to provide legal assistance to attorneys in law offices, corporations, and government agencies. The Paralegal Studies Program has been approved by the American Bar Association for paralegal training. Note: Paralegals are prohibited by law from engaging in the practice of law. Completion of this program or receipt of a BA in Paralegal Studies does not entitle one to practice law or render legal advice except as provided by law. See: and Kentucky Revised Statutes 524.130.


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