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Department of Legal Studies - Montclair State University

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Paralegal Program Information

Montclair State University
Department of Legal Studies
Dickson Hall - DI-350
Upper Montclair, New Jersey

Tel: 973.655.4152
Fax: n/a

Baccalaureate Degree, Masters in Legal Studies


The Department of Justice Studies of the Montclair State University in Upper Montclair, New Jersey, has an excellent core liberal arts curriculum as well as field-specific concentration. This curriculum consists of broad multidisciplinary courses to prepare students to face the challenges of the legal system.

The core is augmented by a 24-25 credit applied concentration, which is a must for students, in any one of the three areas Justice Systems, Child Advocacy, and Paralegal Studies.

The students also have the choice to take up a minor in Paralegal studies, Criminal Justice, and Environmental Justice. The minor studies in paralegal consist of 21 credit hours.

In addition to this, the Montclair State University offers the Post-Baccalaureate Paralegal Studies Certificate program approved by the American Bar Association. This program prepares aspiring paralegals to enter the legal world with confidence and skill.

Paralegal Studies Concentration Program

This concentrated program offered by Montclair State University provides intensive theoretical and practical knowledge in criminal law, civil litigation, family law, real estate, corporate law, and probate. Students who undertake this program are eligible to work in government agencies, corporations, and law firms. The undergraduate degree paralegal studies program is the only one of its kind in New Jersey. It is approved by American Bar Association and is of a four year duration.


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