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Paralegal Studies Program - Mississippi College

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Paralegal Program Information

Mississippi College
Paralegal Studies Program
Post Office Box 4222
Clinton, Mississippi

Tel: 601.925.3812
Fax: 601.925.3932

Bachelor of Science, 30 hour Post-Baccalaureate Certificate


If you dream of rubbing shoulders with attorneys and judges, then come to Mississippi College for its paralegal studies program. It will open avenues for a bright career in private law firms, insurance companies, corporate legal departments, real estate, public utility companies, consumer organizations, community service programs, health care facilities, court systems, state and federal governmental agencies, and departments of public defenders and prosecutors.

You may even get a chance to work as an independent contractor after you gather enough experience. Contractors usually work in metropolitan cities.


The Mississippi college management started the paralegal studies program keeping in mind the following objectives:

•To encourage students to take up the paralegal profession.

•To produce more paralegals in order to decrease the costs to clients.

•To let students learn about the ethics of this profession.

Program Particulars

The Mississippi college paralegal studies program includes a Bachelor of Science in Paralegal studies as well as a 30-hour certificate program. The latter can be pursued by those students who have completed their Baccalaureate degree program.

Remember, no paralegal studies program in this college permits students to practice law. They can work under the assistance of lawyers and other people related to law.


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