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Paralegal Department - Minnesota State University

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Paralegal Program Information

Minnesota State University
Paralegal Department
Center for Business 115
1104 7th Avenue South
Moorhead, Minnesota

Telephone: 218.477.2918
Fax: 218.477.2238

Bachelor of Science


Minnesota State University has a history dating back to 1888 and received its current name in the year 2000. The institution has an extensive law library and the students have access to Westlaw online research for their course work.

The students must complete a core program of at least 12 courses as well as an internship. The students have to select from among four specialties, Probate/Tax, Criminal Litigation, Civil Litigation and Commercial Law. If they opt for a major in Probate/Tax, they are taught about probate, estate planning, wills, income, and estate taxes, deeds, title searches, mortgages and contracts for deed. Criminal Litigation majors are taught about handling criminal cases for either the prosecution or defense. Civil Litigation majors are taught about dealing with cases about personal injury, contract or property disputes, debtor-creditor problems, products liability etc. Commercial Law majors are trained to work in offices specializing in legal aid.

The curriculum consists of courses such as Introduction to Paralegal, Legal Research & Writing I, Legal Research & Writing II, Civil Procedure I, Family Law, Interviewing, Legal Ethics, Advanced Legal Research & Writing, Internship, Fundamentals of Accounting, Legal Environment of Business, Contracts and Business Entities. Probate/Tax courses include Real Property Law, Probate & Estate Planning, Elder Law and Estate, Gift and Trust Taxation. Civil Litigation courses include Evidence, Public Benefits, Civil Procedure II, and Personal Injury. Criminal Litigation courses include Evidence, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, and Criminal Litigation. Commercial Law courses include Debtor-Creditor and Bankruptcy Law, Real Property Law, Commercial Transactions, and Employment Law.


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