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Paralegal Studies Program - Lehigh Carbon Community College

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Paralegal Program Information

Lehigh Carbon Community College
Paralegal Studies Program
4525 Education Park Drive
Schnecksville, Pennsylvania

Tel: 610.799.1594
Fax: 610.799.1527

Associate of Applied Science, Certificate


There is good news for students who wish to be a part of Lehigh Carbon Community College the college has obtained approval from The American Bar Association (ABA) for its Paralegal Studies program!

To get admission to the paralegal certificate program at the Lehigh Carbon Community College, you need to possess 30 credit hours, along with C grade or better for each course. Out of this, 18 credits are divided between any three of the General Education disciplines like Math, Science, English, Social Science, and Humanities. The courses must not be technical, but liberal arts credits.


The main objective of this program offered by Lehigh Carbon Community College, situated in the city of Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, is to make paralegals who can successfully take on the challenges posed by various legal settings. Besides this, students are taught to tackle with the altercations occurring in the world of legalities.


The Lehigh Carbon Community College of Pennsylvania also provides an internship in its paralegal certificate program so that students get hands-on experience in this field. This paves way for excellent job opportunities in the private and public sector.

So, if you like speaking up for people and defending them, this college certificate program is the right choice for you. Become a paralegal and fight for real causes!


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