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Legal Assistant Program - Lee College

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Paralegal Program Information

Lee College
Legal Assistant Program
511 South Whiting Street
Baytown, Texas

Tel: 713.427.5611
Fax: n/a

Associate Degree


Lee College was established in 1934 as an institution that provides high quality education at a minimal cost. The college was originally based on the campus of the Robert E. Lee High School but started classes in its own campus in Baytown, Texas in 1951. Its mission continues to be to provide high quality education and it has more than six thousand enrolments each semester.

The college offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in Paralegal Studies. The program is approved by the American Bar Association. The program contains both legal specialty courses as well as general education courses. The legal specialty courses include Legal Research and Writing, Family Law, Civil Litigation and Law Office Management. The program is intended to prepare students for a paralegal profession and is not meant to be a pre law course.

Paralegals work in several organizations such as private law firms, insurance companies and government agencies with legal departments. Paralegals perform legal tasks under supervision of the lawyer such as conducting legal research, drafting legal documents, preparing trial notes and interviewing clients. A paralegal cannot practice law but performs most legal tasks which the lawyer is responsible for.

Lee College boasts of an athletic program which is nationally recognized and highly competitive. The program includes basketball, volleyball and tennis. The college even has a wellness center fitted with high class fitness equipment for faculty and students to use.


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