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Paralegal Studies Program - Kent State University

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Paralegal Program Information

Kent State University
Paralegal Studies Program
113 Bowman Hall
P.O. Box 5190
Kent, Ohio

Telephone: 330.672.2775
Fax: 330.672.5394

Baccalaureate Degrees


Kent State University, founded in 1910 is accredited by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation (AAALAC) since 1986. Kent State University offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Paralegal Studies in its Kent Campus as well as a Certificate. The programs are approved by the American Bar Association.

The programs are designed to combine a liberal arts/general education with law related specialty courses to prepare the students to work under an attorney. The provide the students with training in preparing legal documents, conducting researches, investigations client interviews and aid in running a legal office by managing work flow etc. the compulsory internship period provides them with first-hand work experience.

The curriculum for a B.A. in Paralegal Studies includes courses such as

•Introduction to Paralegal Studies

•Legal Research and Writing

• Principles and Practice of Litigation

•Applied Legal Research and Litigation

•Internship in Paralegal Studies

•Family Law and Procedure

•Estate and Probate Administration

•Administrative Law and Process

•Tort Law

•Contract Law

•Law of Corporations & Other Associations

•Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility

•Intellectual Property Law

• Criminal Law

•Criminal Procedures and Evidence

•Human Services Agencies and the Law

•Juvenile Justice, Civil Law and Procedure

•Court Functions

•Legal and Regulatory Environments of Business

•Critical Issues in Law Management

•Real Estate Law

•Introduction to Public Administration


•Constitutional Law: Government Structures & Functions

•Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties

•Philosophy and Justice, Philosophy of Law

•Fundamental Tax Procedures as well as the respective general education requirements


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