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Paralegal Studies - Hilbert College

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Paralegal Program Information

Hilbert College
Paralegal Studies
5200 South Park Avenue
Hamburg, New York

Tel: 716.649.7900
Fax: 716.649.0702

Associate in Applied Science, Bachelor of Science


Hilbert College has one of the oldest paralegal studies programs in West New York. It has been approved by the American Bar Association since 1977 and is affiliated to the American Association for Paralegal Education. The course teaches the principles of law and various skills required in the paralegal profession. At Hilbert you can choose between a Bachelor of Science degree and an Associate in Applied Science degree.

There is a combination of theoretical as well as practical lessons to give you a complete knowledge of the paralegal profession. The course builds upon skills such as problem solving, legal analysis and critical thinking. The course includes an internship program which gives you practical experience in law firms, government offices, courts and other legal agencies. Upon graduation you can work as a paralegal in similar organizations or even in insurance companies and human service agencies.

Studying paralegal studies at Hilbert College presents you with a number of advantages. You can choose day or evening classes, there is ample personal attention with one professor for every fourteen students, and you have a choice to minor in one of the several academic areas like criminal justice or psychology. You also receive assistance with your job search. Apart from becoming a paralegal, you can also choose a variety of occupations such as an insurance claims advisor, a legal records assistant, a legal recruiter or a family law legal assistant.


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