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Legal Assistant Program - Harrisburg Area Community College

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Paralegal Program Information

Harrisburg Area Community College
Legal Assistant Program
W 211D, One HACC Drive
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Tel: 717.780.2629
Fax: 717.236.0709

Associate Degree, Certificate Program


There is a Paralegal Studies certificate program offered by the Harrisburg Area Community College. Students of this program are trained for employment as legal assistants in legal departments of private, corporate and government organizations. The program is approved by the American Bar Association.

The course is designed to train students to be able to perform certain legal duties. These include conducting online research, draft litigation documents, investigate facts and draft legal documents such as deeds, wills and contracts. Certain topics pertaining to the paralegal profession are taught in the course such as legal research and writing, civil litigation, paralegal ethics and professionalism, and real estate law.

To ensure that students get practical experience in the area of paralegal work, the course includes an internship program where the student must complete at least two hundred hours of work under supervision of an attorney in an approved law firm or other legal department. The faculty of the paralegal studies program at the college includes practicing attorneys and paralegals from organizations in the area. They are able to provide first-hand practical information to students about the legal profession.

Harrisburg Area Community College has a Career Services Center which helps students in preparing for job interviews, draft resumes and search for jobs. There are many local employers who recruit students on campus and the college even has its own online job portal for its studentsí benefit.


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