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Legal Studies: Paralegal Studies Track - Harford Community College

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Paralegal Program Information

Harford Community College
Legal Studies: Paralegal Studies Track
401 Thomas Run Road
Bel Air, Maryland

Tel: 410.836.4214
Fax: 410.836.4265

Post-Baccalaureate or Post-AAS Certificate; Associate in Applied Science


Harford Community College was established in 1957 and is located near Bel Air, Maryland. Harford offers an Associate of Applied Sciences in the Paralegal Studies track in its legal studies program. This track prepares students for a career as paralegals in various organizations like law firms and legal departments of government agencies and insurance companies. A paralegal assists the lawyer in carrying out legal tasks such as legal research, drafting legal documents and investigating facts.

The Paralegal Studies track is approved by the American Bar Association. The course covers all relevant aspects of the paralegal profession such as Legal Research and Writing, Civil Litigation and Procedure, Torts and Insurance. A number of Paralegal Studies Electives are available such as Business Law, Criminal Law, Real Estate Transactions and Family Law.

Harford Community College has over 65 programs of study and uses the latest technology to support teaching. It has a wireless network and hundreds of PCs are provided in the classrooms. Apart from regular campus classes, Harford also offers online courses in various study programs.

Tuition fees are very reasonable compared to other universities because of the strong financial support from the state and local government alike. Financial aid is also available through loans, grants, scholarships and Federal Work-Study. Harford’s holistic approach to education is evident through its many student clubs that provide students with the opportunity to participate in various extracurricular activities.


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