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Legal Assistant Program - Georgetown University

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Paralegal Program Information

Georgetown University
Legal Assistant Program
1437 37th Street NW, Poulton Hall, 2nd Floor
Washington, District of Columbia

Tel: 202.687.6245
Fax: 202.687.8954

Certificate Program


The Paralegal Studies Program at Georgetown University, Washington D.C., is affiliated to the American Association for Paralegal Education, the National Capital Area Paralegal Association and the National Federation of Paralegal Associations. The Paralegal Studies Program was started in 1973 and has the approval of the American Bar Association since 1977. There is a paralegal certificate awarded to students on completion of the program.

The Georgetown University offers two options to obtain the paralegal certificate. There is a one-year program which consists of evening classes twice a week for three hours each. This course is covered in three sessions of thirteen weeks each. Another option is a summer program which is an intensive full time course which starts in end-May and ends in late-August. Students who wish to be admitted to the program must have an undergraduate college degree to be considered.

The Paralegal Studies program is designed to prepare students for their entry into the legal profession. They learn basic principles and concepts of law, legal research and writing skills, critical and analytical thinking, and legal and professional ethics. The course covers relevant topics like Administrative Law, Corporate Law Practice and Employment Law. As paralegals they are well equipped to perform legal tasks under the supervision of a lawyer.

All faculty members of the paralegal Studies Program are practicing attorneys in various fields and organizations. They provide first hand knowledge and practical information in their lectures.


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