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Legal Assistant Program - Gainesville College

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Paralegal Program Information

Gainesville College
Legal Assistant Program
3820 Mundy's Mill Road
P.O. Box 1358
Gainesville, Georgia

Telephone: 770.718.3760
Fax: 770.718.3761

Associate Degree


The Paralegal Studies program at Gainesville College has been part of the Business Division of the college since 1979. Students of paralegal studies can opt for either the Associate of Applied Science Degree or the Certificate program offered by the college. Whether you wish to study in a law school, get a job in the legal profession or change your career, the paralegal program is appropriate for you.

As a paralegal student, you will learn to hone your communication and analytical skills. You will receive training in drafting legal documents, conducting client interviews and computer application in legal research. Learning these skills will enhance your career prospects as a paralegal. A paralegal provides assistance to a lawyer in performing legal duties but is not licensed to practice law. You will also learn legal ethics and law office management in the course.

All the paralegal professors are practicing attorneys and therefore provide practical information as well as teach you theory. Once you have completed the paralegal program at Gainesville College, you will be able to secure entry-level positions as a legal assistant in any private law firm or public company like banks or real estate offices.

Apart from academics, a student can enjoy the various activities on campus. There are several clubs like the Art Club, International Student Club, Theatre and Debate Club, providing students with a well-rounded campus experience.


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