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Legal Assisting/Paralegal Program - Florida Community College

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Paralegal Program Information

Florida Community College
Legal Assisting/Paralegal Program
3939 Roosevelt Boulevard
Jacksonville, Florida

Tel: 904.381.3506
Fax: 904.381.3462

Associate of Applied Science


Florida Community College can be found in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. Currently, there are more than 64,000 people enrolled in different educational programs at the college. The college has built the state’s largest online learning program, military education program and information technology curriculum. It is well known for its career-oriented courses, which is why students are in great demand after graduation.

If you wish to join a paralegal course at Florida Community College, you have two options – an Associate of Science degree and an Associate of Applied Sciences degree. Both are two-year degrees. While the Associate of Science degree prepares you for employment or transfer to a state university, the Associate in Applied Sciences get you ready for immediate employment after graduation.

Before being admitted to the course, students will have to undergo a personal interview with the legal assisting program director. The estimated cost of the course for Florida residents is 3,700 US dollars. Financial Assistance is available. Courses are taught by practicing attorneys or other professionals skilled in their field. The program ends with a 120 hour professional internship.

This Associates Degree at Florida Community College is approved by the American Bar Association. Students may transfer Legal Specialty Courses studied at other institutions to this courses if approved by the Program Director. After completion of this program, students may transfer to a four-year bachelor's degree in Legal Studies at Florida Gulf Coast University.


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