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Paralegal and Legal Studies Program - Elms College

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Paralegal Program Information

Elms College
Paralegal and Legal Studies Program
291 Springfield Street
Chicopee, Massachusetts

Tel: 413.594.7787
Fax: 413.594.8173

Bachelor of Arts, Associate in Arts, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate, Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate


Elms College is situated in the city of Chicopee in Massachusetts, USA. The Sisters of St. Joseph established it as early as 1928. This Catholic college offers students a variety of associate, bachelor and master degrees in liberal arts. Presently, there are around 701 full-time students enrolled at the college. Student accommodation is available through three residence halls.

The Department of Paralegal and Legal Studies of Elms College offers a variety of legal assistant programs. The Bachelor's Degree in Paralegal Studies is a four-year degree that combines professional studies with a liberal arts foundation. It qualifies students for the ABA-approved Certificate of Advanced Paralegal Studies.

The double major in Legal Studies and Spanish allows students to combine language and cultural proficiency with an understanding of the legal system. It is useful for students who wish to specialize in dealing with Hispanic clients. The Associate's Degree in Paralegal Studies includes 30 credits of paralegal course work and 30 credits of general education liberal arts courses. It is transferable to the bachelors’ degree.

Certificate in Advanced Paralegal Studies is an ABA approved 27-credit certificate program created for students with an associate of arts or bachelor's degree. The Minor in Paralegal Studies is useful for students enrolled in another bachelor degree program who need a background in law. Another course at Elms College is the Legal Nurse Consulting program that trains registered nurses to deal with legal issues such as medical malpractice, personal injury or workers' compensation.


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