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Paralegal Studies Program - Edison Community College

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Paralegal Program Information

Edison Community College
Paralegal Studies Program
8099 College Parkway, S.W.
Fort Myers, Florida

Tel: 941.489.9000
Fax: n/a

Associate Degree


Edison Community College is located in Piqua, Ohio. It is a 25 year old college and provides more than thirty Associate degree programs that are designed to transfer to four year colleges. You can choose your class schedule as convenient to you, in the day or evening, on campus or online.

At Edison Community College there are two programs of Paralegal studies, an Associate of Applied Business Degree and a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate. The programs are taught by a faculty of experienced paralegals and lawyers. They give you not only theoretical knowledge but practical insights as well. The course covers topics like legal research and writing, family law, probate administration and real estate law. It also provides internship experience under the supervision of lawyers.

On completion of the Legal Studies program, you will be able to effectively perform duties of a paralegal such as conduct client interviews, draft legal documents, investigate and analyze facts. You will have the ability to communicate effectively and think critically. You will learn to make use of computer application in the field of legal research.

Apart from academics, Edison Community College has a lot more to offer. There are student clubs for various activities like the Outdoor Club, Writer’s Club, Theater Group and Photography. You enjoy an active campus life while you enrich yourself academically.


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